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Article: How to fix “Exceeds 20 megapixels” error on Shopify?

Como corrigir erro "Excede 20 megapixels" na Shopify?

How to fix “Exceeds 20 megapixels” error on Shopify?

The 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error is a common issue that occurs on Shopify when the size of an image exceeds the 20 megapixel limit. This can affect the functioning of the online store, causing slow page loading and viewing problems.

This error also often occurs even if your image does not exceed 20 megapixels. Which means that many people don't understand what is happening.

In this article, we'll explore the causes of this error, its impact on store functioning, and how to fix it. Additionally, we will present some best practices to prevent this problem from occurring again.

Main points

  • Resize images so they are within the 20 megapixel limit
  • Use image compression tools to reduce file sizes
  • Remove unnecessary images that are not used in the store
  • Optimize images before uploading, using more efficient formats
  • Regularly monitor the size of images in the store to prevent them from exceeding the limit

What is the 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error in Shopify?

Causes of the 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error

The 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error occurs when images uploaded to your Shopify online store are larger than the allowed limit of 20 megapixels.

This can happen when images are not resized correctly before uploading or when image formats are used that take up more space.

Furthermore, the presence of unnecessary images can also contribute to the error. It is important to pay attention to the size of the images and carry out the necessary optimizations to avoid this problem.

Impact of the 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error on store operation

The 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error can have a huge impact on how your Shopify store functions. When this error occurs, images that exceed the 20 megapixel limit will not display correctly in the store, which can result in a poor user experience.

Large, unoptimized images can slow down page loading, affecting your visitors' browsing speed. To ensure good store performance, it is essential to correct this error and optimize images so that they are within the allowed limit.

One way to do this is by resizing images to a suitable size and using image compression tools. It is also important to remove unnecessary images that do not add value to the store. With these measures, it is possible to avoid problems related to the 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error and improve the customer experience.

How to fix 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error on Shopify?

Resize the images

By resizing images, you can reduce the file size, thus avoiding the 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error in Shopify. It is recommended to use image editing tools to adjust the correct dimensions.

It is also important to maintain the original aspect ratio of the image to avoid distortions. One option is to use the table below as a reference for recommended dimensions:

Image type

Recommended dimensions


800 x 800 px


2000 x 800 px


It is also essential to optimize images before uploading, using more efficient image formats, such as JPEG or PNG. This way, it is possible to guarantee better performance of the online store.

Use image compression tools

One of the most efficient ways to fix the 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error in Shopify is to use image compression tools. These tools allow you to reduce the size of images without significantly compromising visual quality.

Below is a table with some recommended image compression tools:



Image Resizer

Shopify's online tool to compress images.


Online tool that allows you to compress images quickly and easily.


Online service that uses advanced compression techniques to reduce the size of images.


Note: It is important to choose a reliable compression tool and test the quality of the compressed images before applying them to the store.

The one we recommend with our eyes closed is the Image Resizer tool from Shopify.

Remove unnecessary images

One of the ways to fix the 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error on Shopify is to remove unnecessary images from the store. It is important to carefully analyze the images used and identify those that are not essential to the customer experience.


The 'Exceeds 20 megapixels' error on Shopify can be a headache and negatively impact the performance of your online store, causing slow page loading and viewing problems for users.

Identifying the causes of this error, such as not properly resizing images and using inefficient formats, is crucial to correcting it.

By following the tips in this article you will have a Shopify store with optimized images.

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