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Article: Understand the Difference between Shopify Plus Partners, Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners.

Entenda a Diferença entre Shopify Plus Partners, Shopify Experts e Shopify Partners.

Understand the Difference between Shopify Plus Partners, Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners.

What are Shopify Partner Programs?

Shopify, an e-commerce platform, not only offers a robust solution for digital entrepreneurs but also has a network of collaborators through its partner programs. These programs are: Shopify Plus Partners, Shopify Expert and Shopify Partner.

Shopify plus partners

Shopify Plus Partners is an exclusive Shopify program aimed at agencies and developers who have experience providing advanced solutions for online stores.

These partnerships are established based on strict criteria, ensuring that only the best professionals are recognized as Shopify Plus Partners.

These partnerships offer a range of benefits, such as access to exclusive resources, priority support and business opportunities. Additionally, Shopify Plus Partners have a responsibility to provide high-quality services and meet customer needs efficiently.

Shopify experts

Shopify Experts are professionals or agencies specialized in developing and designing online stores on the Shopify platform. They have extensive technical knowledge and proven experience in creating custom stores and implementing advanced features.

Shopify Experts have the ability to provide specialized support and consultancy to merchants, helping them optimize their operations and grow their businesses.

These experts are selected and certified by Shopify, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the services provided. When hiring a Shopify Expert, merchants are guaranteed to receive high-quality work and solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Shopify partners

Shopify Partners are professionals or agencies who have knowledge and experience on the Shopify platform. They offer creation, development and support services for online stores.

Shopify partners have access to exclusive resources and tools, like training and technical support. They can also join the Shopify affiliate program where they earn commissions for referring new customers.

Being a Shopify Partner is a great opportunity to get started, grow your business, and become an expert on the world's most popular e-commerce platform.

Requirements and responsibilities

Shopify plus partner

In addition to meeting the technical and experience requirements established by Shopify, to become a Shopify Plus Partner you must be an agency or company proven capable of offering high-level e-commerce solutions.

This partnership provides exclusive benefits such as access to advanced features, priority support and expanded business opportunities. Additionally, Shopify Plus Partners have a responsibility to provide exceptional quality services and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

This strategic partnership is critical to the success of companies looking to scale and optimize their e-commerce operations.

Shopify expert

The responsibilities of a Shopify Expert are varied and require a high level of expertise on the Shopify platform. In addition to providing technical support and customized solutions to customers, a Shopify Expert is also responsible for conducting store audits, optimizing website speed and performance, and ensuring the security of online transactions.

It is essential that a Shopify Expert is always up to date with the latest trends and news on the platform, in order to offer a quality service to customers.

An Expert may also be called upon to participate in training and workshops to share their knowledge with other professionals in the field.

Shopify partner

The requirements to become a Shopify Partner are less stringent than the requirements to be a Shopify Plus Partner. To become a Shopify partner, you need to fill out an application form and wait for the company's approval.

Once approved, the partner will have access to a series of benefits, such as technical support, training and exclusive resources. This is the starting point for anyone who wants to be a Shopify Expert or Plus Partner in the future.

Benefits and features

Shopify plus partner

Shopify Plus Partners have access to a range of exclusive benefits that set them apart from other Shopify partner categories. In addition to receiving priority support and access to advanced development resources, Shopify Plus Partners also have the opportunity to participate in specialized training and certification programs.

These additional benefits allow Plus partners to offer a superior level of expertise and support to their customers. Additionally, Shopify Plus Partners have the opportunity to work on projects of greater scale and complexity, which can lead to a significant increase in revenue and market recognition.

Shopify experts

Shopify Experts have access to a variety of resources that help them in their work. In addition to receiving priority support from the Shopify team, they also have access to exclusive tools like the Shopify Partner Dashboard where they can manage their projects and customers efficiently.

Experts have access to an active community of other professionals where they can exchange experiences, get feedback, and stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices. These features allow Shopify Experts to offer high-quality service to their customers and stand out in the market as Shopify experts.

Shopify partner

In addition to the benefits mentioned, becoming a Shopify Partner also offers a range of resources and support to help partners succeed. Shopify offers a wide range of resources, such as technical documentation, discussion forums, and access to development experts.

Additionally, partners have access to marketing and sales tools like the Shopify App Store, which allows partners to create and sell apps for the platform. These features and support help partners grow their business and reach more customers.


Summary of differences

The summary of the differences between Shopify Plus Partners, Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners can be presented as follows:




Shopify Plus Partners

Proven experience developing Shopify stores and selling above a certain threshold

Access to exclusive resources, priority support and business opportunities

Shopify Experts

Proven experience developing Shopify stores

Recognition and visibility in the Shopify community, access to resources and technical support

Shopify Partners

Interest in creating Shopify stores

Access to training resources and technical support


By understanding the differences between these types of partnerships, you can choose the most appropriate option according to the needs and objectives of your business. Each type of partnership has specific requirements and responsibilities, which must be considered before choosing the best option for your business.

Therefore, it is essential to carefully analyze the differences between these programs and evaluate which one best meets the company's needs and objectives.

By establishing a strategic partnership with Shopify, entrepreneurs can count on specialized support, access to advanced tools and the opportunity to stand out in the online market.

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